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Hello everybody!

My name is Nicole and I'm from Germany.. Living in the beautiful bavaria I enjoy being with my friends, play with my two cats and try to live my life ordinary..

I'm a totally TV-Junkie and can't list all the shows I'm watching without forgetting some of them... Ok.. I'll try... There are:

90210 · Charmed · Dr. Quinn · Fringe · Gilmore Girls · Gossip Girl · Legend Of The Seeker · Leverage · Merlin · Moonlight · One Tree Hill · Prison Break · Privileged · Pushing Daisies · Roswell · Smallville · Supernatural · Terminator - The Sarah Connor Chronicles · The Mentalist · Torchwood · Vampire Diaries

You see.. There's nothing special about me.. I'm just the girl next door.. *lol*

If you have questions... Just ask.. Maybe I will answer it.. :-D

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